D. Amari Jackson


D. AMARI JACKSON is a television, web and film producer.  He also is a ghost writer, songwriter, and award-winning journalist.  His latest literary project is author of the middle-grade reader Jelani’s Key (jelaniskey.com) and the fiction novel The Savion Sequence (thesavionsequence.com).  Amari is creator/writer/coproducer of the 2012-2014 web series The Book Look; writer/coproducer of the 2016 film Edge of the Pier; scriptwriter for the 2023 documentary Global Assignment: The Life and Times of Dr. Runoko Rashidi; and Senior Writer for Black Art In America. A father, grandfather, and longtime martial artist, Amari lives in the Atlanta area.


Ta-Ta was now among the ancestors. But he left his grandson, Jelani, a golden key and a note bearing a cryptic riddle—”find Karakhamun.” Mourning his late grandfather, and with little to go on, 11-year-old Jelani must set off to fulfill Ta-Ta’s mysterious wishes. His quest will put him on a collision course with a legendary neighborhood bully and immerse him in a mind-bending overnight challenge that, if navigated successfully, will unveil his grandfather’s true legacy, and change Jelani’s life forever.