Dawn Chavous


DAWN CHAVOUS is a mompreneur with a BS in psychology and sociology from Ursinus College, and an MA in organizational development from the University of Pennsylvania. She is the owner and founder of Chavous Consulting management consulting firm that specializes in event planning, fundraising, public relations, community engagement, and strategic planning, which has been in business for over eleven years. She is also a community advocate and women’s rights activist.

One day while watching the movie Moana, her eldest son told her he wasn’t special because he couldn’t fly like Maui. Dawn’s heart sank because as much as she and her husband had told him how much they loved him and how amazing he was, he still felt he wasn’t special. She was inspired to write You Are Special so he and every other child will know that they are special. Dawn currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is happily married and the proud mom of two children and a dog named Sasha Blu.



You Are Special was written by Dawn Chavous and illustrated  by Donna-Marie Duncan. This beautifully illustrated, feel-good children’s book is about self-acceptance and affirmation, reminding young children how special they are. It shows some of the characteristics that make a child unique, and that being kind to others also makes them special. In addition, it highlights ethnicity and diversity, showing kids those are positive things, and that it’s okay to be different. This upbeat rhyming book will build self confidence and remind children that their unique qualities and characteristics are what makes them so special. A perfect picture book for parents, teachers, and caregivers to encourage kids 3-7 and build their self-confidence, as well as celebrate diversity and children who are different.