G. Todd Taylor and Morgan Taylor


G. TODD TAYLOR and his teen daughter are the definition of a dynamic duo. They co-authored a one of a kind non-fiction children’s book introducing real Princesses of color from around the world when MORGAA TAYLOR was just 5 years-old. Daddy’s Little Princess has received worldwide recognition.

“Every little girl should believe she’s a Princess,” said Morgan. “Princesses come in all shades.” Daddy’s Little Princess derived from a conversation Morgan had with her dad and co-author G.Todd Taylor about the lack of diversity of main stream royalty.

“Research shows that diversity in literacy increases the educational success of minority children,” said Taylor, a former educator. This book excites, ignites and educates young readers. We wanted to inform and build self-esteem.” Daddy’s Little Princess has been featured on national mediums including the International Civil Rights Center and Museum, Essence.com, TODAY show online, theroot.com, Yahoo News, Teen Vogue, Huffington Post and many more.

Morgan’s motto is “Rock Your Crown” and she’s been rocking hers and encouraging others since Daddy’s Little Princess debuted at Barnes and Noble. Her website is www.daddyslittleprincess.me.


G.Todd Taylor’s second book Dad, Who Will I Be? has received recognition as well. The nonfiction children’s book which features Taylor’s son Garrett Jr. highlights careers by introducing historical figures of color from around the world. Dad, Who Will I Be? has been featured in a Netflix series and received a literature award from Ghana in 2021.

G. Todd Taylor and Morgan Taylor - Cover - Dad Who Will I Be