Glenda Armand


Glenda Armand is the author of over a dozen books for children. Her books highlight the achievements of African Americans, both famous, such as Frederick Douglass (Love Twelve Miles Long) and little-known, like Blind Tom Wigginsand Augustus Jackson, the subject of Ice Cream Man: How Augustus Jackson Made a Sweet Treat Better. Glenda was born in New Orleans and raised in Los Angeles which she wrote about in her book, All Aboard the School Train: A Little Story From the Great Migration. She has had a long career as a teacher of pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, and as a middle and high school librarian. These roles have prepared her for her second act as an author of children’s books. Glenda feels that, through her writing, she is still teaching and instilling in children a lifelong love of reading – this is a dream come true. 


Ice Cream Man – How Augustus Jackson Made A Sweet Treat Better is written by Glenda Armand and Kim Freeman; Illustrated by Keith Mallett. The book follows Augustus Jackson, an African American born free during slavery, as he pursues his dream of making ice cream a treat available to everyone, rich and poor. His quest was a way to make it faster or keep it from melting so quickly. In this picture book biography, children will learn how Jackson, despite his humble beginnings, rose to become a cook at the White House, a creative problem solver, and a successful entrepreneur—all because he had a sweet dream.