Krystle Parker


KRYSTLE PARKER is an adult gerontologist nurse practitioner with over 15 years in the medical field. She is a wife, mother, business entrepreneur, and now author of trending book First Thing First, Dream. A graduate of Hampton University she received a Bachelor of Science degree in 2007. In 2017, she graduated from South University receiving a Master of Science in nursing. She is currently the CEO of Absolute Care Services of NC, the number one ranked homecare agency in eastern North Carolina. She is the owner of ILashpark, where one can experience unparalleled state of the art eyelash extension services maximizing one’s beauty meritoriously.  Most importantly, Krystle Parker is the vice president of the Greenville Theatre Arts Center (GTAC) which was established to educate, elevate, and expand the souls of inspiring artists, youth, and creative individuals through knowledge, experience, and resources within the community. Noted for her philanthropy, Krystle consistently donates her time, expertise, and financial resources to GTAC to reach members of her community, whether young or old.  


Written by Krystle Parker, First Thing First, Dream  and illustrated by Brittany Hanson and Sanghamitra Dasgupta offers encouragement to children who may experience different disorders such as attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), anxiety, and stress as they encounter new experiences in their everyday life. The book written through the lens of her son, Kyllan Parker, shares his first day at a new school where he uses a variety of coping mechanisms to help him through his transition. In the story Kyllan is 10 years old and writing helps him express his emotions. Krystle utilized highlights from his journal to write First Thing First, Dream  in hopes of inspiring other children and to be an educational resource for parents who may need guidance with a child or loved one diagnosed with an emotionality or attention deficit disorder.