London Ladd


London Ladd, a graduate of Syracuse University with a MFA in illustration, has artwork featured in critically acclaimed picture books, newspapers, and magazines, along with community-based murals. His artwork is a mixture of acrylic paint, cut paper, and tissue paper, building opaque layers atop a foundation of thin washes in a way that brings his colors to life.



This lyrical picture book is a joyous, poetic, celebration of Black children and a reminder of the Universe’s unconditional love in stunning verse and captivating collage. Perfect for fans of Sulwe!
When the Universe decides to create a child, she draws from the earth—rich, dark, and full of everything that gives life, including eyes like black star sapphires and full lips to speak the truth. With help from the Sun and the Moon, they create a child of the Universe: beautiful, powerful, and boundless with the brilliance of Black Gold.
Laura Obuobi’s empowering, whimsical text and London Ladd’s lustrous, captivating illustrations will inspire children to love themselves exactly as they are.

London Ladd - Cover - Black Gold