Marchánt Davis


Debut author and actor MARCHÀNT DAVIS joins forces with the bestselling illustrator KeturahA. Bobo to bring to life the story of a boy whose mirror gives him a whole new way of seeing himself.

Marchánt Davis’s uplifting picture book debut encourages us all to look beyond appearances—reminding us that while styles come and go, celebrating one another for who we are, never goes out of fashion. New York Times bestselling illustrator Keturah A. Bobo’s stunning art makes A Boy and His Mirror a standout among books that celebrate hair by showing the changing nature of what’s in style. As our main character Chris says, dang, it’s only hair. So let it fly! And claim your style.



Chris loves wearing his hair long, so why do his classmates tease him about it? When he looks for answers in his mirror, something wonderfully unusual happens: A lady appears with wise words that make him feel like a king! But when he starts acting like a king at school, it’s time for another visit to the mirror. This time, the woman gives Chris some good advice that he happily shares, about being less judgmental and offeringrespect to all. The message goes over well, and Chris couldn’t be happier—demonstrating the power of empathy. His willingness to put himself out there leads to some kids approaching him, and plenty of playground fun. Chris feels good knowing he was able to clear the air, say how he feels, and stay true to himself.

Marchánt Davis - Cover - A Boy And His Mirror